Our quality products are made to suit individual conditions

In addition to a wide range of high quality bridge products and services, we support our clients with their road infrastructure construction requirements.

On each and every project, quality control is our priority and forms the basis of all our planning. We work with engineers who are highly experienced in the quality assurance process. We operate under a shared culture with our partners, whereby all members of our project teams purposefully strive for quality in every aspect of their work.

Bridging Products

We offer a wide range of product design and supply options to suit individual project needs. Our bridging solutions include:

Quality products are designed and fabricated in the Asia Pacific region to suit the specific conditions of the area. Over the years, we have assisted with natural disaster recovery projects and understand the many logistical challenges presented by adverse weather conditions, remote locations and difficult terrains.

Road Accessories

We can also supply the following range of Road Accessories:

Product Advantanges

Many of our bridges are built in remote, developing economies that have limited infrastructure. Our bridging solutions cater readily for the challenges and limitations brought about by such locations. Below are just some of the advantages of using products from our range:

  • Sturdy Construction & Durability

    The steel thickness of the main part of our Standard Panels is 5.3 mm providing sturdy construction and more durability. This offers additional protection from direct hits, whether from vehicles or natural disasters

  • Optional Panel Lengths

    We offer a choice of 3 metre or 5 metre panel length options

  • Heavy Hot Dip Galvanise Protection

    All components are 86 μm heavy hot dip galvanised for longer life and extra protection

  • Wider Lane Width

    We provide a choice of 4100 mm to 4200 mm extra wide, single lane widths and 7350 mm double lane width for additional road user comfort

  • Thicker Steel Deck Plates

    6 mm-thick Chequered Steel Deck Plates are used, which are able to better withstand loading from heavy haulage trucks

  • Clear Spans up to 81 metres

    We offer bridging options up to 81 m clear spans

  • Easy Launching

    Our bridges can be launched on existing abutments or temporary/gabion abutments

  • Versatility

    Panels can be added and removed to extend or reduce the length of the bridge to suit future re-alignments/upgrading work and loading requirements

  • Light Weight Components

    All components are light weight and suitable for handling manually or using light construction equipment. This minimises the need for heavy-lifting equipment during assembling and launching

  • Suitable for Soft & Unsealed Roads

    Light weight components can be carried using smaller trucks on soft or unsealed road carriageways

  • No Need for Pre-constructed Adjustments

    Our bridges are supplied with solid base plates, so can be erected and launched without having to pre-construct abutments

United Pacific Bridging would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you with your next bridging project.